Standard Parts

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All of the more than 15,000 items listed in our catalog are, by definition, standard parts. Regardless of the quantity ordered, there is no tooling charge involved in the production of these standard parts listed. Our patented process enables us to ship production quickly, with only a modest set-up charge to the customer. Additionally, for a nominal charge, we can often make a minor modification to a standard part, permitting its use instead of a more expensive custom part.

NOTE - We are continually adding new standard parts to our catalog. We therefore, suggest that you ask us about the possible availability of parts.

Rivets, Buttons, Plugs

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Timing Belts, Pulleys

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Miscellaneous Parts

  • PAD N6138
  • Push Button N6136
  • Bearing NFX-3
  • Split Cable Eye
  • Wheel N5954
  • Split Rivet N5843
  • Angle Slide N5255
  • Glide N5254
  • Slide N5600-1
  • Insert N5952
  • Split Button N6103
  • Split Rivet N5518
  • Button N5635
  • Thumb Screw N5939

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  • Wire Clamp N5590
  • Bevel Washer N6104
  • Screw N6287
  • Cable Eye N6005
  • Button N6112
  • Roller N6238
  • Plug N6437
  • Bridge N170
  • Retaining Ring N1127
  • License Plate Nut N8816
  • Hinge Block N5992
  • Clip N6189
  • Guide N6064
  • Button NFL30
  • Hinge Bearing N5783
  • Split Bearing N5883
  • Holder NFX-1
  • Roller N5759
  • Shoulder Nail
  • Bushing N5063
  • Bearing N271
  • Grommet N2025
  • Ferrule N6292
  • Bushing N6216
  • Guide Bushing N6028
  • Slide Cup N6002
  • Button N180


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