Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?
A. In Lower Buck's County. This is Southern Pa. Fallsington is a small historically protected community approximately 3 miles from Trenton, N.J. We are 40 Miles Northeast of Philadelphia International Airport.

Q. What size presses are available?
A. We currently have 38 presses from 35 tons to 375 tons. .5 to 19 ounce screws. All are SPC capable and have robotic assist.

Q. What auxiliary operations are performed?
A. Some assembly, drilling, milling, tapping and ultrasonic welding. We developed other outside contractors to assist in other areas.

Q. Does Nylomatic only supply regionally?
A. No! We supply product all over the world. North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Q. Does Nylomatic mold with all thermo-plastics resins?
A. Yes, with the exception of Teflon.

Q. Where is your tooling manufactured?
A. Mostly in-house with the occasional use of some "qualified" outside sub-contractors. Our in-house teams of toolmakers support our manufacturing effort. A worn or broken tool must be repaired immediately and put back into service to minimize costly down time and lost production.

Q. Does Nylomatic accept small lot orders?
A. Yes, we have a fair line items minimum. However we realize some customers have smaller lot requirements. Our molds are designed into our own Proprietary mold base system for "quick-change over." We try to dedicate certain materials and colors to specific presses to facilitate those changes. Customer service and satisfaction is the number one priority at Nylomatic.

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